Welcome to the
Queen's York Rangers 2799
Army Cadet Corps

The Canadian Cadet Organization is a youth program of Sea, Army and Air Cadets with over 52,000 members across Canada.  Membership is open to teens of all backgrounds age 12-18. 

Cadets teaches leadership, citizenship, self-reliance, physical fitness, respect for others, and a multitude of valuable life skills.  It offers unique opportunities you won't find anywhere else.  And it's FUN.   [read more]

Commanding Officer's Parade
Change of Command
Change of RSM & Cadet Promotions

Join us on Friday September 19 at 7:00pm
John Graves Simcoe Armoury, 215 Industrial Parkway South, Aurora
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We do cool stuff.
Think you might like to join us?
Come to our Open House!
Friday September 26 @ 1900 hrs (that's 7:00pm, SHARP!)
Bring a Friend.  And check out How to Join.

Sat 20 Sep & Sun 21 Sep 2014
Aurora Legion Candlelight Placement and Ceremony  

Arrival Time:  1700 (Sat) / 1330 (Sun)
Dismissal Time:  1830 (Sat) / 1430 (Sun)
Location:   Aurora Cemetary at 14253 Yonge Street, Aurora

10-12 cadets are asked to place and light candles on Sat 20 Sep at the Aurora Cemetary, then return on Sun 21 Sep for the actual ceremony.

Sat candle placement and lighting will be in C5 Combats, while the Sun parade and drum head service will be in C1 Dress.

One senior cadet will be asked to read the Army prayer.

3 Community Service Hours to be earned!!

Please sign up with Capt Daniels on Fri 5 Sep or at the latest, Sun 14 Sep.

There is no bus, so cadets must make their own way each day - Please car pool!!!

Cadet Order of Dress:
  C5 Combats (Sat) / C1 Dress (Sun)
Staff Order of Dress:   CadPat (Sat) / DEU 1A (Sun)

Fri 26 Sep 2014
Open House with Regular Training  

Arrival Time:  1850
Dismissal Time:  2150
Location:   John Graves Simcoe Armoury

This is the night you want all your 12-14 year old relatives and friends to come check us out!

We will be putting on a presentation and giving tours of our facilities, all while training is going on.

Regular training for mosts cadets.

Cadet Order of Dress:
  C5 Combats (Adventure Wear if you have not been issued combats yet)
Staff Order of Dress:   CadPat

Bus Schedule
  Sutton   Keswick   EG   Newmarket   Armoury    
To Armoury 17:30 18:00 18:20 18:30 18:50    
    23:10 22:50 22:30 22:20 22:00 Home

Fri 26 Sep to Sun 28 Sep 2014
Gold Star Expedition Centre Training  

Arrival Time:  1850 (Fri)
Dismissal Time:  1700 Sun (TBC)
Location:   JGS Armoury, then Kelso Conservation Area and Rattlesnake Point

All Cadets in the Gold Star Program who have already completed the Silver Star EC Trg Weekend last May MUST attend this weekend.

Training includes hiking and intensive mountain biking.

Joining Instructions with Kit List will be posted asap.

Please confirm your attendance by having a parent sign the offer provided by the Administration Officer.

Cadet Order of Dress:
  Adventure Wear suitable for the weather
Staff Order of Dress:   Adventure Wear suitable for the weather

Bus Schedule
  Sutton   Keswick   EG   Newmarket   Armoury    
To Armoury (Fri) 17:30 18:00 18:20 18:30 18:50    
    No Bus home on Sun, must be picked up from armoury at time to be confirmed eg 1700


You can see an extended list of activities here.

Current cadets - find lots of valuable information and feedback from your officers and fellow cadets, join the Cadets & Staff of the QYR Facebook group.  Post questions, get help and advice.

Parents of current cadets, plus former cadets, local supporters and more - join the Facebook group Friends of the QYR and keep up to date on all the goings-on at 2799!