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Welcome to the
Queen's York Rangers 2799
Army Cadet Corps

The Canadian Cadet Organization is a youth program of Sea, Army and Air Cadets with over 52,000 members across Canada.  Membership is open to teens of all backgrounds age 12-18. 

Cadets teaches leadership, citizenship, self-reliance, physical fitness, respect for others, and a multitude of valuable life skills.  It offers unique opportunities you won't find anywhere else.  And it's FUN.   [read more]


Summer 2014
Summer Camp Forms  



While we expect that each cadet is downloading all the necessary forms from the Summer Camps page, printing, and reading them through carefully and thoroughly (themselves!) we wish to highlight 3 important changes from previous years.

1. FTU (Field Training Uniform)
You must bring your issued FTU with you to camp, including your issued combat boots, green t-shirt and olive drab Tilley hat (NOT the CadetPat hat purchased from Soldier Gear).

2. PT Clothing (Physical Training)
You will not be issued PT clothing at camp ... you must bring your own PT gear. All cadets are expected to bring 2 pairs of shorts (of a dark colour and conservative in length), 2 plain t-shirts (dark green) and running shoes. For those who have them, the previously-issued grey shorts or running shoes are still authorized for wear this summer. For Fitness and Sports courses at Blackdown you should bring 4 pair shorts, 4 t-shirts and 2 pair running shoes.

3. You must bring with you a copy of your camp acceptance form (the form that you would have signed and returned to the Admin Office a while back).

Cadet Order of Dress:
  C2A (Short Sleeve Order ie no jacket)


Big Announcement!  


As you know we've been busy in the past month with new fundraising activities, in particular the Magna Wild Wild West Hoedown (you will recall that we were selected as one of fifteen community groups lucky enough to share in the proceeds from this fall's event).

Why all this extra fundraising activity? Because ... we are "Vimy Bound!"

In the spring of 2017 Canada will commemorate the 100th Anniversary of our victory at Vimy Ridge - the First World War battle which defined Canada as a sovereign nation. We will honour this history, taking it from the textbooks and making it Living History. We will travel to France, Belgium and the Netherlands on an educational battlefield tour, to follow in the footsteps of Canadian veterans and pay tribute to their proud tradition of service and sacrifice.

You now have many questions, such as, how long is the tour, what is the itinerary, who will go, and what will it cost? These details are not yet complete but we have a special Vimy Committee working on it. We ask that you wait for the Official Launch in September, when all your questions will be answered.

In the meantime, we hope you'll be inspired to help with our fundraising efforts. The more money we raise, the more successful the tour will be. Progress has been made toward our financial goal but we are not done. You can help by selling sets of three Hoedown Raffle Tickets for just $20, giving the buyer a chance to win cash prizes. You can also help in other ways - more details to come.

This tour will be a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage which will leave a lasting impact on our cadets. We look forward to your commitment and support. We believe it's an important trip to make. Travel changes lives.

Sharon & Tracy Gillam, Lori Hoyes, Gail Pivato, Cheryl & John Cannon, Capt Sue Lusk & Capt Phil Lusk
Vimy 2017 Committee

Sun 27 Jul 2014
Departure to summer camp for B Serial Basic Courses  

Arrival Time:  Between 10:00 to 14:00
Location:   Blackdown & Connaught

Cadets attending B Serial Basic Courses at Blackdown must be driven (no bus) and must arrive between 1000 and 1400 (the sooner the better) in C2A Dress Uniform (leave your jackets at home).

Please use the Facebook Groups to arrange car pooling.

Cadets going to Connaught for Basic Marksman B Serial must be at the Ray Twinney Recreational Complex at a time to be determined (likely mid to late morning).

Cadet Order of Dress:


You can see an extended list of activities here.

Current cadets - find lots of valuable information and feedback from your officers and fellow cadets, join the Cadets & Staff of the QYR Facebook group.  Post questions, get help and advice.

Parents of current cadets, plus former cadets, local supporters and more - join the Facebook group Friends of the QYR and keep up to date on all the goings-on at 2799!